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GigFunder: Cowgill Kicks Off First Crowdfunded Tour Plus Platform Updates

Cowgill's GigFunder Tour Video

After Cowgill waged a successful Kickstarter campaign to record a debut album, the "five-piece indie rock band from Cambridge, MA" went on to successfully crowdfund part of a tour via Gigfunder.

Tonight's the first show of their tour and it's also the first show funded via Gigfunder. According to the tour schedule on Cowgill's site, this momentous occasion takes places in Chicago at the Viaduct Theater. Chicago happens to be GigFunder's homebase as well (doubt that's a coincidence) so I imagine it's going to be quite a party.

gigfunder update

Newest GigFunder Feature

Now that they have a bit of experience, GigFunder continues to improve and fine tune their platform. Here's what Founder and CEO Matt Pearson told me about their most recent update:

"We pushed out a major update that should help artists control the costs of their campaigns better (screenshot above). Basically the artist can drag the circles out to determine how far they're willing to travel and set pledge goals for each radius. It gives artists a lot more control and, based on feedback from artists using the site, was something they wanted more control over."

"Now artists will be able to create the same funding goal for every city in the country if they want or set up a very tiered platform that ensures they will have enough money to get to each city."

Looks like they're off to a great start!

For more on GigFunder, please see my post at Hypebot that combines a site review with some thoughts from Founder and CEO Matt Pearson.

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