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Online Ticketing Service Picatic Launches EventTilt for Event Crowdfunding

EventTilt - CrowdFund Your Next Event

Picatic is an online ticketing service that appears to be focused on the U.S. and Canada. Ticketing services are currently an extremely crowded field but Picatic is distinguishing themselves with the launch of EventTilt, an event crowdfunding feature.

I can't find a separate page for EventTilt but the basic idea they're promoting is that the feature can be a way to test if there's demand for one's event without having to commit to an event that might fail. If the demand is there, then the crowdfunding element functions as early presales and the event goes into normal presales mode.

Though not music-specific, music is certainly included in their events. For example, Aaron Adair is crowdfunding SASK. Soul Music and SASK. Soul Food, a "listening party/food event for Aaron Adair's upcoming album, AANALOG" with the help of Chef Jenni. Crowdfunding participants receive a copy of the album.

EventTilt's pitch is a bit different from the current crop of music concert crowdfunding services discussed in the posts linked below. So far, other services are focusing on bringing a band to a specific location or setting up tour dates. EventTilt is focusing on testing sales for an event which fits their broader service for all kinds of events.

EventTilt also indicates the potential for ticketing services who already handle events, especially those with strong brands and an established two sided market, to get into the music concert crowdfunding space and squeeze out niche operators. For companies focused on music concert crowdfunding alone this means leveraging domain expertise and developing services that fit musicians' unique needs as niche services are all currently doing.

In many ways we're still in the early stages of music concert crowdfunding but we already have an increasingly crowded field. Once some of these services get more established and show more results VC-funded copycats will follow resulting in an eventual shakeout. Clearly living in interesting times is a better proposition for some than for others!

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