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Queremos! Brings Music Concert Crowdfunding from Brazil to the States

Queremos! Crowdfunding for Music Concerts

Though Gigfunder was the first music concert crowdfunding platform to launch in the U.S. earlier this year, Queremos! beat them to the punch in Brazil back in 2010.

As they explain on their blog:

"Queremos! has organised 39 concerts in Brazil, from the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Vampire Weekend, Chromeo, Warpaint, Primal Scream, James Blake, The National and many others), selling over 45 thousand tickets and reimbursing over seven thousand fans, as reward for their effort in making all of these concerts happen."

"Queremos! came up as a solution to a problem that we had in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Many bands that we loved were coming to Brazil but wouldn't play in Rio because, due to a recent bad track record, promoters weren't willing to take the risks involved."

So Queremos! was created to crowdfund concerts giving bands and venues the assurance of an audience and empowering fans to bring in the bands they wanted to see.

Queremos! music concert crowdfunding

How Queremos! Works

Now Queremos! is launching in the States with a presentation at TechCrunch Disrupt that included the following Q&A:

Q: How do you work with the band and the venue to make sure that each is available for an event?

A: We have a business-to-business ecosystem that allows a promoter to see if a band is available on the site. Then you can go to a mezzanine and see if the venue is available.

Q: How do you start creating events and building an ecosystem in the U.S.?

A: The way it works is that bands have a booking agency, and you have to reach them. That's what promoters do today. They'll go to the band or ticket agency through queremos and see when they're available.

Apparently the concerts in Brazil were initiated by Queremos! and/or promoters and then the fans get involved which is a bit different from Gigfunder where the bands themselves start the ball rolling and fans can also let bands know they want to see them. In the States promoters and, I assume, bands can initiate shows via Queremos!

As you can see from the above graphic, a unique twist created by Queremos! is that if the concert sells out, the original crowdfunders who ensured the concert get in free and get a ticket refund.  That's a powerful incentive especially given that there's no risk for crowdfunders who get a refund if the concert doesn't happen.

It looks like Queremos! is starting out in San Francisco with a short campaign to fund a concert by BADBADNOTGOOD. Though they apparently had records of all their previous shows, the link for Past Shows does not appear on the site at the moment. It looks like they've reconfigured things for the U.S. launch and are featuring the first concert on the homepage.  I assume they'll have separate pages for each campaign in the future since that's pretty key to promoting a specific event.

I think there's definitely room for more than one music concert crowdfunding site in the States and I imagine we'll see more launching in the future. Right now people are still getting used to the concept so having more than one such site helps validate it in people's minds.  Given that I haven't yet seen concert crowdfunding for other performing arts, maybe we'll be seeing a pivot at a future date!

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