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Crowdfunding For Musicians Blog On Hold

I've been avoiding this announcement but it's become clear to me that I'm overextended and need to focus on a smaller range of projects.

Since I am able to write about music crowdfunding at Hypebot and also want to free up time for All World Dance: Videos, this blog is going on hiatus.

I will be updating the Clyde @ Hypebot section with links to my posts about music crowdfunding written for Hypebot.

The bar for coverage is a bit higher there but if you have music crowdfunding news, as opposed to more general crowdfunding news, please contact me at:


I am going to try to remain active at my music crowdfunding Twitter account so you can also connect there.

I have some mixed feelings because the pledge/reward approach to crowdfunding is now solidly established, the critics seem increasingly clueless and this thing is only going to get bigger.

In addition, music crowdfunding is definitely my kind of thing. It puts power back into the hands of musicians who have good relations with their fanbase, however small or large, and are ready to take control of their lives. That's not the whole picture but that's what excites me about the space.

So I'll continue learning and sharing those lessons along the way though, for the moment, not on this site.

Thanks to everyone who welcomed me or found me and expressed their appreciation. That means more than you know!


Crowdfunding For Musicians Update: I'm Back, Please Send Music Crowdfunding Campaign Announcements

Just a quick update for Crowdfunding For Musicians readers!

I've been traveling a bit. Thought I would be posting some but, as you can see, I fell into radio silence. Apologies for not filling you in.

I've decided to start posting about new music crowdfunding campaigns in progress.  Not sure exactly how that will work but instead of focusing on tips and takeaways, I will simply be highlighting additional campaigns to help spread the word.

To let me know about your campaign in progress or anything else that's happening in the world of music crowdfunding, please contact me at:



Music Crowdfunding Posts at Hypebot by Clyde Smith

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Clyde's Music Crowdfunding Posts at Hypebot

It's a Launch: Special Thanks & Upcoming Plans

So here we go.

Welcome to the "minimum viable launch" of Crowdfunding For Musicians, a blog on the way to a book about Crowdfunding Music by Clyde Smith!

Thanks go out to Bruce Houghton at Hypebot where I first started writing about crowdfunding music. I'll be continuing to periodically write about crowdfunding there as part of my overall focus on music tech and diy/indie music.

I should also thank Tom Giles at StageBloc who's been a source of insight and support as I worked my way to this project from one or two others. He's never once called me a flake!

And, last but not least, thanks go out to Benji Rogers at PledgeMusic for creating an inspiring album campaign and fanfunding service and being a general force of positivity.

Crowdfunding For Musicians will focus on crowdfunding music, unique crowdfunding campaigns and ongoing gathering of insights into what's working. Some things work now, different things will work later. Hopefully we can stay on top of it as this phenomenon continues to grow.

For now I'll be focusing on music crowdfunding as developed by such companies as Kickstarter and Pledge Music. Eventually I'll be adding more on equity crowdfunding in which contributors receives a share of ownership. I will include donations platforms when appropriate. Based on the current state of microlending, I am unlikely to cover such platforms but, if you see something interesting, hit me up:

Clyde Smith

Crowdfunding For Musicians is authored by Clyde Smith (@fluxresearch).

Crowdfunding For Musicians Privacy Policy

Here are the basics:

Crowdfunding For Musicians does not track individuals however some of the sites with which we associate or may associate in the future do, including sites like Facebook.

We basically take stats from Google Analytics and, in the future, QuantCast and look at overall trends rather than seeking out details on individuals.

We will not sell your email address if you subscribe to our email newsletter and will be using that primarily for updates the morning after any day we post at Crowdfunding For Musicians.

If you have questions, please send them to Clyde Smith:

Crowdfunding For Musicians is authored by Clyde Smith (@fluxresearch).


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Crowdfunding For Musicians is authored by Clyde Smith (@fluxresearch).