Clyde's Music Crowdfunding Posts at Hypebot

July 2013

CEO Benji Rogers On Why PledgeMusic Is Building An A&R Team

Case Study: Musician Crowdfunds His First T-shirt Using Teespring

June 2013

Music Crowdfunding Tips from #IndiegogoToronto

WeDemand! Tackles The Uphill Battle To Establish Concert Crowdfunding In The States

Music Crowdfunding Without A Fanbase

Crowdfunded Stones Throw Doc, Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton, Premieres This Month At LA Film Fest

Musician Uses Crowdfunding To Buy Back Music From Former Label

Zoshpit Launches Australian Music Crowdfunding Site

May 2013

Mamet Sisters' Failing Kickstarter: Celebrity Crowdfunding Backlash Or Fan-Connection Failure?

Music Crowdfunding: Sam Tsui Kickstarts Debut, Songkick Detour Expands, JOBS Act For Labels

Crowd Outlet Seeks Your Crowdfunded Music For Post-Campaign Sale

Zoë Keating Crowdfunds London Concert Using Songkick Detour

April 2013

Why Not Crowdfund Your Music App?

Who Will Create The Online Store For Successfully Crowdfunded Music?

March 2013

Ali Spagnola Turns Drinking Game Into Musical Empire

PledgeMusic Officially Launches In Canada, Sponsors Free Mixtape For Canadian Music Week

Alexz Johnson Goes D2F With Crowdfunding After Two Major Labels & An Indie Failed Her

Tips From John Vanderslice's Kickstarter Campaign That's $40,000 Over Goal

How To Plan Your Music Crowdfunding Campaign From Start To Finish

February 2013

Tea For Tyrants Hits Kickstarter Goal To Bundle Digital Music With Physical Tea

15 Top Tips For Successful Music Crowdfunding And Fan Funding Campaigns

Music Crowdfunding News: Kevin Wortis, Radio Crowdfund,
Detour London, Protest The Hero

January 2013

Top 10 Music Kickstarters Of 2012

PledgeMusic Launches D2F Album Presale Campaign For Major Label
Band Bring Me The Horizon

Björk Crowdfunds Biophilia App For Education But Will It Reach The Poor Kids?

2012: The Year Music Crowdfunding Broke

November 2012

Musicraiser Launches Music Crowdfunding Platform & Support Network

100 Music Kickstarter Campaigns & Other Resources For Music Crowdfunding Success

October 2012

Songkick Detour Plans Biggest Fanfunded Music Tour To Date: Taking Andrew Bird To Latin America

Hear It Local Brings House Concert Booking To Facebook

September 2012

Exclusive: Songkick CEO Reveals Music Concert Crowdfunding Plans With The Tale Of Tycho

Amanda Palmer Requests Volunteer Musicians, Chaotic Discourse Ensues

SpokesBUZZ Successfully Crowdfunds Innovative Five City BandSwap

Bandtastic Joins Concert Crowdfunding Miniboom

Kickstarter: Downloadable Album Tee Combines Shirts & Music For More Artist Revenue

August 2012

5 Big Lessons From A Successful $13,000 Kickstarter Album Funding Campaign (Ari Herstand)

Creative Rewards For Music Crowdfunding Campaigns

Track Kickstarter Campaign Progress with Kicktraq

3 Benefits Of Music Crowdfunding Beyond "Show Me The Money"

How Murder By Death Became #3 Most Successful Kickstarter Music Campaign To Date

July 2012

WeGlow Crowdfunds A Concert App Combining A Light Show With Band To Fan Communication

Did Ginger Wildheart Cheat By Charting Off Crowdfunded Presales?

Crowdfunding? Don't Forget About Unfulfilled Pledges, Shipping & Taxes

June 2012

Successfully Crowdfunding Classical Music

YouTube Star Cobus Potgieter Funds New Band via Kickstarter, Auditions Via YouTube

May 2012

It Takes A Fanbase: Amanda Palmer's Tips For Kickstarter Success Crowdfunds Nonprofit Digital Music Subscription Service

The Crowdfunding Bible On Campaigns That Succeeded & Those That Failed

GigFunder Launches Crowdfunding For Music Tours

April 2012

Metal Goes Digital: Metal Injection Video Series, Mobile Apps, Crowdfunding Campaigns

Emerging Music Friendly Crowdfunding Sites

March 2012

Big Chill's Pete Lawrence and Unbound Crowdfund Alfresco Festival with Book Release

Lessons Learned From Three Successful Kickstarter Music Campaigns

Discover New Kickstarter Campaigns With Hype Machine's Fundhaus

February 2012

PledgeMusic's Benji Rogers On Going Beyond Fan Funding To Power Album Campaigns

Chinese Indie Artists Shanren Use RocketHub To Finance North American Tour

January 2012

Indie Band Spanish Prisoners Using Kickstarter To Buy Van For SXSW Trip

CASSETTE: A Documentary In Final Days Of Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter Raised $20 Million For Musicians In 2011

QuNeo's Kickstarter Success Fueled By Fanboys & Pro Fans

December 2011

Girl Walk // All Day: Girl Talk Album Gets 71 Minute Video Thanks To Kickstarter

November 2011

Final Day To Crowdfund Onyx Ashanti's Cyborg Beatjazz System

Artspire: Making Crowdfunding Campaigns Tax Deductible, Eligible For Grants

Congress May Pave Way For Small Investors To Crowdfund Music Startups

Startup Adva Mobile Using Crowdfunding To Improve Free Mobile Sites For Musicians

September 2011

SonicAngel Creates Hybrid Crowdfunded Label

A Guide To Crowdfunding Music Using Mike Masnick's CwF + RtB = $$$ Formula

Vinyl Crowdfunding Site Hifidelics Readies First Projects, Seeks Feedback