Music Crowdfunding Sites

Platforms focused on music crowdfunding and music-friendly crowdfunding platforms.


Artiste Connect - Arts in the Philippines

ArtistShare - Music

Artspire - Nonprofit Arts

Bandtastic - Music Concerts in Mexico

Cedar Seeder - Arts in the Twin Cities

Detourjam - Music Concerts

Feed the Muse - Arts

GigFunder - Music Concerts

Indiegogo - Projects

Kickstarter - Projects

Oocto - Creative Projects

Picatic - Ticketing Service w/EventTilt Event Crowdfunding Feature

PledgeMe - Creative Projects in New Zealand

PledgeMusic - Album Campaigns

Pozible - Creative Projects

PPL - Crowdfunding Portugal

Queremos! - Music Concerts in Brazil and U.S.

RocketHub - Projects

Sellaband - Music

SonicAngel - Music

Sponsume - Arts and Business

TuneFund - Music

USA Projects - Nonprofit Arts